About Dayman Studios LTD

Non-profit media company

Dayman Studios LTD, is a non-profit company. We promise to invest any profits back into the company to produce new jobs. Our company is based upon the principle, that once your own family is looked after, we need to spread our wealth into the community, so our employees, associates and groups can support theirs. By staying together, and working toward a common goal, we'll build a community of creative professionals secure in their futures.

Dayman Studios features several brands, Dayman Productions, Dayman Studio, Dayman Weddings, and Dayman Events.

Dayman Productions, is professional broadcast brand. It covers anything from youtube videos to broadcast television. We have feature films in production, and others in planning.

Dayman weddings brings the power of professional broadcast experts, to the biggest day of any couples life. Their wedding, the day they commit, and promise, needs to be preserved for future generations. Marriage is where familys start, and communites are built of familys. Lets honour the best union anyone can experience, with film grade video, and professional photography.

The Dayman Studio brand, allows professionals, members of the community, schools, families, students and many others to book our studio. There they will receive professional photography, audio and filming services. No matter what your project is, you can book us to make it a reality.

Dayman Events covers all other eventualities outside of the studio. We will film/ photograph sporting events, corporate retreats, family occasions, action shots, real estate, and custom jobs. Talk to us today to discuss our fees and rates.

Our Directors

Contact either director with job requests, or if you have an ongoing job with Dayman Studios LTD.

Steve Day

Co-director and broadcast expert within Dayman Studios LTD. If there's a camera, and a project he will take it on. Steve Day has years of experience in broadcast sectors. Producting, shooting and directing small and large scale feature film projects.

Daniel Foreman

Co-director and technologiest within Dayman Studios LTD. He comes from the IT industry, and is keen on digial services. He provides platform development services, takes part in photography and video roles.

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